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NOEN Export

NOEN Export, a.s. was established in 2011 for reasons of expansion of our products to the foreign markets.

NOEN Export’s commercial activities abroad focus on participation in fairs, exhibitions and symposiums and in particular on development of relations with the target potential customers, and work to win concrete projects, particularly in the preferred territories. In 2013, an office was established in the Russian town Kemerovo – NOEN Export s.r.o., with the possibility of directly operating in the region with highly developed open-pit coal mining. Establishment of similar workplaces is planned in the course of next years in the preferred countries of the western Balkans.

Main activities

  • The turn-key delivery of large-scale excavators, aboveground belt conveyance, homogenization, and the projects to increase quality and effectiveness of mining
  • The complete deliveries of mechanical equipment for coaling, transport of fly ash and slag and their ecological storing in standard coal-burning power plants and heating plants
  • Deliveries of equipment and services for desulphurising and dedusting including subsequent ecologization of coal sources in the standard power plants, heating plants, and other industrial sources
  • The individual designing and ordering engineering activities for the given products delivered to the end customers from the group of investors, research institutions and other national institutions.
  • Development of individual and subcontractor projects of reconstructions, general overhauls, and breakdowns of mining machines, the belt conveyance, etc., aimed at increasing output, reliability and reducing energy consumption
  • Consultancy and dealer activities

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