PV400Np – transfer conveyor carriage (PVP 400) - NOEN, a.s.

General description

The PV400Np transfer conveyor carriage transfers excavated rock material from the compact K100 bucket wheel excavator to the follow-up long-distance belt conveyors.

The main machine part consists of two booms on which one common belt conveyor is mounted. The booms are framed in the central slewing structure against which they are adjustable by means of the hydraulic cylinders. The whole superstructure (all above mentioned) is mounted on the crawler undercarriage towards which it can be turned by 360°.

The PV increases, to a considerable extent, manoeuvrability and flexibility of a front-end excavating machine (KR400Nk BWE in most cases) connected to the long-distance belt conveyors.


Main parameters of machine

Weight in running order 25 t
Theoretical conveying capacity of machine 400 m3/h
Belt width 800 mm
Range of driving drum heights 2,000 m3/h
Conveying speed of empty PVP 0-0.4 km/h
Maximum slope inclination for empty PVP travelling 1:10
Max. specific pressure of loaded PVP on surface for travelling 0.71 kg/cm2
Max. machine height (VVČ in the upper position) 9,000 mm
Machine width 3,550 mm
Machine length 30,500 mm
Gauge of crawler tracks 2,300 mm
Width of crawler track 500 mm
Max. permissible wind speed 20 m/s
Slewing range of superstructure 360 deg.
Installed power of belt conveyor drive 37 kW
Installed power in total 55 kW


Parameters of reach


H – Bridging height 0-6 m
L – Bridging length 5-26 m


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