General description

The harbour terminal for coal loading and unloading with the assumed location on the Black Sea coast.

The task of the coal terminal is to provide conveyance of a required quantity of mined coal from the nearby deep mine to the harbour where it will then be transferred to a ship.

Furthermore, the coal terminal study also takes into consideration the possibility of unloading the ships delivering a low-grade coal for needs of the thermal power plant (TPP), planned in this region as well.  And conveyance of this low-grade coal to the TPP stockyard area.

The study also proposes the possibility of direct conveyance from the deep mine to the TPP stockyard as part of the coal terminal.

Main equipment of handling and conveying system:

– System of belt conveyors

– Coal stockyard including stockyard machines

– Tripper cars

– LIEBHERR ship unloaders

– Ship loaders with telescopic boom and telescopic filling spout.

Main parameters of harbour terminal machines and equipment

Total weight of installed equipment 9,950 t
Theoretical conveying capacity of terminal – ship unloading 4,000 t/h
Theoretical conveying capacity of terminal – ship loading 2,600 t/h
Bulk density of material to be conveyed 0.85 t/m3
Total length of belt conveyors 3,100 m
Length of loading/unloading parts of landing stage 480 m


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