General description

The reconstruction aim was replacement of worn parts of the large-scale excavator that are heavily worn from the last major overhaul due to operation intensity and operation time. Modernization of electrical parts, the bucket wheel boom and the bucket wheel drive was performed.

Modernization and major overhaul of the KU 300.13/K71 large-scale excavator are based on reconstruction and overhauls of the KU 300 large-scale excavator performed in the Bílina Mines (Doly Bílina) in 2009. Another reason for reconstruction is also effort to ensure maximum unification with the above machine.


Main parameters

bucket wheel diameter 7.5 m
number of buckets 13
bucket volume 365 l
bucket wheel drive power 500 kW
maximum force on bucket wheel adjusted by disc clutch slipping 350 kN
maximum high cut height: on the level of ± 1:20 18.4 m
slant 1:11
down-slope 18.7 m
up-slope 16.1 m
maximum low cut depth:
on the level of ± 1:20 2.7 m
slant 1:11
down-slope 0.1 m
up-slope 2.9 m
bucket wheel speed control 50 up to 120 %
bucket wheel peripheral force nominal 146 kN
theoretical output for bulk soil (nominal) 1,500  m3/h



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