General description

The order included modernization of the belt carriage PVZ 2500 – 45/27. The machine is placed in the DNT Tušimice under operation number 16. The modernization scope included the following parts of the machine.

Use of the machine together with the KU 300 bucket wheel excavator, 1:9 upslope in the direction of the machine travel without having to level the terrain or without jeopardizing the existing machine stability with a permissible inclination of 1:20. A hydraulically controlled tilting plate was inserted between a crosspiece of the crawler undercarriage and a frame of the central structure. Tilting of the undercarriage against the rest of the machine makes it possible to travel on uneven ground.

  1. An increase of the unloading boom reach up to -7 m under the level of the surface for travelling.
  2. An increase in throughput of the charging hoppers and a change in construction of the impact area with a sliding impact bed.
  3. Reconstructions of selected machine units.

Reconstructions proposed did not affect the other working areas of the machine nor reduce their operating parameters.


Main parameters of machine

Nominal conveying capacity 2,500 m3.hod-1
Material (coal) to be conveyed – specific design weight of excavated material 1,000 kg.m-3
Conveying distance 72.3 m
Speed of travel 360 m.hod-1
Medium specific pressure 0.0956 MPa
Loading boom: – belt width 1,200 mm
– belt speed 4 m.s-1
– boom length 27 m
Unloading boom: – belt width 1,200 mm
– belt speed 5 m.s-1
– boom length 45.3 m
Troughability of top strand of conveyor belt 30°
Troughability of bottom strand of conveyor belt 10°
Range of slewing: – loading boom on ground ± 9°
– loading boom suspended ± 36°
Slewing speed of unloading boom end 13.8 m.min-1
Pitch of loading boom 18°
Pitch of unloading boom – upward +15°
– downward -20.4°
Height of discharge chute of unloading boom – maximum 16.5 m
– minimum -7 m
Pitch during conveying – boom in direction of travel 1:6
Pitch during work in direction of travel: – nominal 1:9
– maximum 1 : ~8
Inclination of slewing gear during work in direction of travel ± 1 : 72
Inclination during work in transverse direction to travel 1:20
Stroke of hydraulic cylinders: – for nominal inclination of 1:9 400 mm
– for max. inclination of 1: ~8 450 mm
Hydraulic cylinder: – max. pushing force 1,997 kN
– max. pulling force 1,022 kN
– nominal stroke 457 mm
Hydraulic unit – working pressure 700 bar


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