SS800TR – FOR CIRCULAR STOCKYARD (SCR 0.8/0.8-25) - NOEN, a.s.

General description

The combined stockyard machine SCR 0.8/0.8-25 is used for dumping as well as redumping of material to a circular stockyard.

Material is conveyed to the stockyard by the conveyor mounted on the steel bridge in the machine vertical axis at height approx. 20 m above the stockyard surface. Material is transferred to the discharge boom conveyor and subsequently to an area of the stockyard. From there, material is conveyed by a bridge scraper conveyor to a charging hopper mounted below the stockyard level in the machine vertical axis. Material is then conveyed by an underground conveyor outside the stockyard area.

SCR consists of the discharge boom and the bridge scraper slewing around the common vertical axis. This is physically formed by a support pillar anchored to the concrete foundation below the stockyard area. This pillar is also used as a support for the feeding conveyor bridge.

The discharge boom consists of the steel structure fitted with a belt conveyor and a counterweight.

– the stacker slewing ring is driven by means of an electromechanical drive, the boom tilting is realized by means of hydraulic cylinders.

The bridge scraper is equipped with a tilting breaker and a rail undercarriage.

– the bridge scraper travel is realized by means of electromechanical drives directly mounted on travelling wheel shafts.

– the breaker tilting is realized by means of two electromechanical winches.

The slewing range of the entire machine around the vertical axis is unlimited but a mutual position between the discharge boom and the scraper bridge is limited to 350°.




Main parameters of machine

Weight in running order 340 t
Theoretical conveying capacity of machine 80 m3/h
Bulk density of material to be conveyed 3.8 t/m3
Belt width 650 mm
Bridge length 50 m
Length of discharge boom 24.5 m
Range of boom tilts ±10 °
Machine height 19 m
Diameter of circular rail track 94 m
Installed power in total 270 kW


Dimensions of stockyard

A – Offset – handling area 4 m
B – Maximum width of stockyard 41 m
H – Maximum height of stockyard 15 m


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