ZP7000S – STACKER (Z 7000-90) - NOEN, a.s.

General description

The Z7000-90 stacker is used to stack crushed overburden to a dump.
The stacker consists of a substructure (steel structure connecting three crawler twins of the undercarriage). The slewing superstructure with the tower and the counterweight boom with a counterweight are mounted on the substructure. A discharge boom equipped with a belt conveyor is hinged on the superstructure.

A hinge joint of the connecting bridge is realized at the superstructure level, in suspension of the counterweight boom. This steel structure is supported at another end with a supporting car. The connecting bridge is equipped with a belt conveyor with a charging hopper at the lower end. Material from the preceding technology (e.g. long-distance belt conveyors) is received at this place and further conveyed to a conveyor of the discharge boom. The supporting car consists of a crawler undercarriage, a small substructure and a swivel plate. The connecting bridge is just mounted on this plate.

– The slewing range of the superstructure against the substructure is realized by electromechanical drives.
– Tilting of the discharge boom is realized by means of a hoist and a pair of electromechanical cable winches.


Main parameters of machine

Weight in running order 1,600 t
Theoretical conveying capacity of machine 7,000 m3
Length of discharge boom * 90 m
Length of connecting bridge * 80 m
Slewing range of discharge boom against connecting bridge +-110 °
Slewing speed of discharge boom top 20 m/min
Lifting speed of discharge boom top 2 m/min
Maximum height of stacking 26 m
Maximum difference in height of undercarriage positions +-4 m
Specific pressure on surface for travelling 77 MPa
Travel speed 2.5-10 m/min
Ball way diameter 9.2 m
Installed power in total 3,050 kW


* Distance between slewing axis of the machine superstructure and axis of a reversing drum of the belt conveyor.

PIC04_u (2)

Weight in running order 15 m
A – Minimum offset ** 7,000 m3
B – Maximum distance of stacking 110 m
H – Reach of discharge boom 25 m
h – Height of supporting car position level +-4 m


** Depending on base load-bearing capacity


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