Unique New Excavator for German Chalk Mine Completed

3. November 2015


The manufacture of the first of a pair of bucket-wheel excavators designed and engineered by NOEN for the continuous extraction of chalk at an open-pit mine in northern Germany has been completed. Bearing the designation K100.1, the unit is the smallest machine made by NOEN, and the first product in the recently developed line of compact excavators.

 The K100.1 compact bucket-wheel excavator has been designed for the specific conditions of the German chalk mine, where rock mainly consists of chalk and layers of flint. The machine extracts material using buckets driven by an electromechanical drive system. Rock extracted by the excavator is transported by a conveyor belt in the unit’s boom to a discharge boom, and is then loaded into a long-distance conveyor transport system.

 The machine is mounted on a tracked chassis equipped with a hydraulic drive. The chassis is capable of rotating 360 degrees. The mechanisms that hoist the main and discharge booms are also driven by a hydraulic system. The excavator features a central lubrication system, and it can be transported without the need to disassemble most of its components.

 NOEN will supply two identical bucket-wheel excavators to the northern German mine. The completion of the second unit is scheduled for the beginning of 2015. Worth tens of millions of crowns, the venture is the first project of its kind executed by a Czech firm in the last three decades. The contract was awarded to NOEN in a standard tendering procedure, where other bidders included numerous competitors from various parts of the world.

The price and expertise of our engineers were the decisive factor in securing the contract. NOEN ranks among a small group of companies in the world that possess expertise for the design and construction of bucket-wheel excavators,” explained NOEN’s spokeswoman, Kateřina Rosová, adding that an excavator of Czech origin was exported for the last time in the 1980s. The unit was manufactured by companies from the NOEN Holding (Elektroprim Koutník, SEA) and by Teplická strojírna (Teplice Mechanical Works).

NOEN is a purely Czech company that has pursued dynamic growth on the domestic market. In the last two years, the firm has made sizeable investments into developing its business on international markets. The current project for two bucket-wheel excavators is the first contract involving the delivery of a final product to a foreign customer. Previously, the company’s business abroad only consisted of providing engineering services.


K100.1 – Main Technical Parameters:

Total Weight:                                                            Approximately 71 tons

Rated Output:                                                           120 t/h

Min./Max. Ambient Temperature:              -20 / +35 °C

Extracted Material:                                                   Chalk CaCO3

Material Impurity:                                                     Flint layers

Cohesion:                                                                 126 kN/m²

Resistance Coefficient:                                          100 MN/m²

Specific Weight of Solid Material:                         2,400 kg/m³

Specific Weight of Loose Material:                       1,600 kg/m³

Bulk Granularity:                                                      0 to 300 mm

Max. Moisture Content in Extracted Soil:             5 to 25%

Conveyor Width:                                                       800 mm

Power Supply Voltage:                                           400 V

Unit Height:                                                               6 m

Unit Width:                                                                8 m

Bucket Wheel Diameter:                                        4,100 mm

Bucket Wheel Drive:                                                Electromechanical

Bucket Wheel Output:                                             90 kW

Bucket Volume:                                                        100 dm3

Bucket-wheel Boom Length:                                 6,000 mm

Discharge Boom Length:                                      11,000 mm

Minimum Discharge Chute Height:                     1,500 mm

Maximum Discharge Chute Height:                    4,000 mm

Maximum Working Slope:                                      1:20

Maximum Transport Slope:                                   1:10

Maximum Wind Speed during Operation:          20 m/s