Parameters of bucket wheel loader

Type designation  N2000x50
Conveying capacity of machine – theoretical  2,000 m3/h
Repose angle of side and front slopes of stockyard  35 up to 40 °
Maximum height of stockyard   11 m
Maximum width of stockyard  45 m
Loader can work at wind speed to max. 17 m/sec
Span of machine 50 m
Wheelbase of travelling units  10 m
Diameter of bucket wheel over bucket cutting edges  10.8 m
Bucket wheel axis height above plane of machine travel rails  5.55 m
Total working length of bucket wheel along bridge structure  41.7 m
Loader width (with breakers in tilted positions)  25 to 35.5 m
Number of buckets  10
Theoretical volume of one bucket 1,000 dm3
Bucket wheel speed  approx. 4.2 rpm
Travelling speed of bucket wheel carriage (controlled by frequency converter) approx. 5 to 20 m/min
Width of conveyor belt on bucket wheel loader 1.6 m
Nominal speed of conveyor belt  2.1 m/sec
Travelling speed of loader (controlled by converter)  approx. 4 to 20 m/min
Installed power in total  approx. 275 kW
Assumed concurrence  approx. 231 kW
Basic operation voltage – supply  3PE ~50 Hz 6,000 V / IT
Basic operation voltage – motor 3NPE ~50 Hz 400 V / TN-S
Weight of loader  310 tons

Within the framework of coal handling in the ČEZ, a.s. Tušimice Power Plant (ETU II), reconstruction of the bridge bucket wheel loaders in the mechanical part, steel structures and electrical equipment was performed.

Mechanical equipment:

Loader travel – the new one including drives with frequency converters

Loader hydraulic system – total overhaul

Conveying line – revision and repair of rollers, bearings and scrapers, the new drive including a driving drum shaft

Bucket wheel carriage travel drive – revision of travelling wheels, new drives with frequency converters

Breaker lift drive – revision of the rope drum and pulleys, the new drive including a lift rope

Bucket wheel drive – the new drives including a frame, the new central lubrication, revision of pulleys

Lining of transfer points and buckets, revision of a festoon trolley, new limit switches and sensors

Steel structures:

Revision and repair of supporting steel structures, the new bucket wheel steel structure and gear ring.

Repair of the switching station structure and the operator’s cabin.

The new discharge hopper steel structure.

Electrical equipment:

Starting of main drives controlled by frequency converters, starting of the bucket wheel and the conveyor belt controlled by the soft starter.

The new switchboards, main and lighting transformers, lighting and control systems, replacement of all the cables, internal festoon trolleys are replaced with energy chains.

The existing paints were touched up, new paints were applied on new structures, new labels and signs were performed, grease and oil fillings were changed.


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