General description

The OB01-COAL HANDLING Work subject involved realization of the complex renewal of conveying tracks in the coal handling system ensuring conveyance of energetic coal from a receiving point, formed by a discharging (sub-level) bin, to a space of the inter-bunker construction to the boiler bins of individual power units B21 to B25. In addition to renewal of the direct conveying track, reconstruction of the fuel conveyance to the yard and back from the yard to the main conveying track to the boiler plant was executed as well. The whole fuel conveyance track is solved as the two-line track.

The conveyor coal handling system also includes the equipment for qualitative and quantitative takeover of coal supplied (i.e., commercial belt scale, magnetic separators, certified fuel samplers, incl. fine grinding line) and the equipment for environmental technology – industrial vacuum cleaners, exhaustion devices, high-pressure misting equipment, fire protection and lifting equipment.

Individual (main) technological systems of the supply

Coal handling incl. coal yard – conveying devices – parameters:

Pcs  Equipment  „Width B“ (mm)  Length L (m) Difference in height H (m)  Drive power input N (kW)  Conveying capacity Q (t/h)
4 Drawing-up car VV1 A B travel 190 m 18.5 400-800
4 Belt conveyor T2 A B 1,200 238 5 110 800
2 Belt conveyor T3 A B 1,600 158 10.6 200 1,600
2 Belt conveyor T4 A.B 1,600 427 0 2×110 1,600
2 Belt conveyor T6 A B 1,600 123 2 160 1,600
2 Belt conveyor T61 A B 1,600 113 28.5 300 1,600
2 Belt conveyor T7 A B 1,600 276 38 400 1,600
2 Belt conveyor T8 A B 1,600 235 0 160 1,600



Stockyard machines – main parameters:

Output of stacking (t/h) 1,600 1,600
Output of loading (t/h) 1,600 1,600
Travel speed – working/conveying (m/min) 0-15/18 0-15/18
Number of rails (pcs) 2 2
Distance between axes of rails (m) 7 7
Machine travel length (m) 300 300
Conveyor belts – width (mm) 1,600 1,600


Fire protection:

The water drencher curtains were built up for objects of external coal handling. The new fixed drenching fire fighting system is intended for protection of the bridge coaling, the coal handling central control room, transfer towers and conveyor belts in the discharging (sub-level) bin.

The new sprinkler system, which shall ensure fire-fighting action if required, was delivered for protection of a space above the boiler plant itself – it enables direct fire suppression in the centre of the fire so that heat exposure opens a respective sprinkler head.

Equipment for environmental technology:

A partial measure ensuring environmental coal conveyance by means of opened belt conveyors. This is the disposal of primary dust by exhaustion of flying dust by an exhaustion system, reducing dust by moistening of dust particles by high-pressure misting, and measures ensuring the disposal of deposited coal dust in the coal handling areas – by exhausting.

The main elements of the environmental technology – stationary industrial vacuum cleaner, mobile industrial vacuum cleaner, exhausting unit No. 1 (above the boiler plant), high-pressure misting units No. 1 to No. 4 (in selected points of conveying tracks).

Lifting equipment – listing

1x overhead crane (10 t), 4x overhead crane (8 t), 9x overhead crane (5 t), 1x overhead crane (4 t), 3x hoist (3.2 t), 1x hoist (0.5 t)



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