General description

The harbour terminal for phosphate loading with the assumed location on the Red Sea coast.

The project results in modernization and extension of the existing terminal.

– increase in conveying capacity

– higher effectiveness of work

– possibility of loading larger cargo ships

– reduction of dustiness arising from handling phosphate sands

The terminal’s main components for loading phosphate sands to ships include a belt conveyor and a slewing loader with a telescopic tilting boom.

Material is transported to the terminal space by trucks and discharged either directly into a charging hopper situated at the beginning of the central belt conveyor or onto an area in some of three jacketed storage halls. From these halls, material is then transported by a wheel loader to one of charging hoppers situated on a horizontal part of the conveyor. A continuous withdrawing of material from the hoppers to the belt conveyor is provided by the vibratory feeders. Material is transferred by means of the conveyor to the telescopic ship loader and then through a telescopic lead-in to the cargo space of a positioned ship.

Main equipment of handling and conveying system:

– Central belt conveyor.

– 4 x 50 m3 stable charging hoppers with vibratory feeders.

– 2 x 30 m3 stable double charging hoppers with vibratory feeders.

– Mobile wheel shovel loaders, or push dozers.

– Completely equipped storage halls.

– Ship loader with slewing, tilting, telescopic boom and telescopic filling spout.


Main parameters of harbour terminal machines and equipment

Total weight of installed equipment 650 t
Theoretical conveying capacity of terminal 1,000 t/h
Bulk density of phosphates to be conveyed 1.4 t/m3
Length of central conveyor 330 m
Diameter of ship loader boom reach 25-40 m
Slewing range of ship loader around vertical axis ±80 °
Basic height of boom above sea level 18 m
Range of ship loader boom tilting +8/-13 °


Parameters of reach


Note: The entire ship loading can be realized by the loader travelling and the ship moving along the landing stage.


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