General description

The KR400Nk compact bucket wheel excavator is the smallest one from the machines being offered. Each machine is designed for specific conditions of the mine in question. Material is excavated with the wheel buckets mounted along the wheel circumference. The bucket wheel is driven by an electromechanical or a hydraulic drive. Material being withdrawn from the wheel is transported on a conveyor belt via a bucket wheel boom to a loading boom, from where material continues to the follow-up belt conveyance.

The entire machine moves by means of a crawler undercarriage. The lifting system for the bucket wheel boom is hydraulically driven as that for the loading boom. The machine is provided with the permanent central lubrication system. Components of undercarriages, the slewing gear, conveyors and main drives consist of standard parts as much as possible.

The machine is ready for transport to a destination as a whole without having to be largely broken down into its parts.PIC03_u


Main parameters of machine

Bucket volume 100 dm3
Belt width 800 mm
Theoretical output of machine 400 m3/h
Effective output of machine 200 m3/h
Total weight 74 t
Installed power 190 kW
Length of bucket wheel boom 6,000 mm
Length of loading boom 11,000 mm


Dimensions of excavated block


H – Block height 6 m
B – Block width 8 m
L – Maximum distance of transfer point to DPD 8 m
B1 – Side angle of slope 60 °
B2 – Face angle of slope 65 °


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