RAILWAY TRIPPER CAR FOR DPD 1200 – SVK 1200/1500 - NOEN, a.s.

General description

The SVK 1200/1500 railway tripper car is intended to be applied in the belt conveyance system of material. Conveyor belt width is 1,200 mm. The machine is used to remove material from the belt conveyor and its further re-routing to a longitudinal dump or a follow-up conveying device. It is possible to convey deposit, crushed or sorted energetic coal and other raw materials. The machine is designed for material with 0-40 mm grain size and bulk density up to 1,000 kg.m-3. The future application of the machine is wide-scale. It can be used on dumps of thermal power plants, in sorting plants of fuel mixtures, heating plantsand open-pit mines. On permanent as well as temporary fuel storages.


Main parameters of machine

   Material to be conveyed
Nominal conveying capacity 1,500 m3.hod-1
Material to be conveyed – specific design weight of excavated material Max. 1,000 kg.m-3
Excavated material fraction – lumpiness 0 – 40 mm
   Continuous belt conveyor
Conveying speed 3.15 m.s-1
Belt width 1,200 mm
Maximum belt tension 240 kN
Centre parts of continuous conveyor Follow-up 1,200 mm
Rail gauge 3,000 mm
Travel length ±150 (300) m
   Discharging conveyor
Belt speed 4 m.s-1
Discharging conveyor belt width 1,400 mm
Length 15 m
Range of incline -3 up to +13 °
Range of slewing ± 100 °
Slewing gear speed 0.2 min-1
Lifting of boom Hydraulic
    Hydraulic system
Maximum pressure 16.5 MPa
Hydraulic unit drive 7.5 kW
Oil flow rate 32 l.min-1
Travel speed 0.2 m.s-1
Number of driven undercarriages 4 (8 wheels)
Specific pressure on base 0.07 MPa
Maximum sinking 100 mm
    Parameters of railway yard
Max. longitudinal slope – operation 1:20
Max. longitudinal slope – conveyance 1:15
Max. lateral inclination – operation 1:30
Max. lateral inclination – conveyance 1:20
    Other parameters
Supply voltage 400 V
Temperature of ambient environment -20 up to +40 °
Crew 0 – 1 worker


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