General description

The combined stockyard machine SCR 05/05-35 is used to stack lignite in a stockyard and its reloading to the belt conveyors.

The machine is above all intended for homogenization stockyard stacking using the “windrow” method but can also be easily used for stacking by means of other methods.

The machine consists of a substructure (steel structure connecting individual beams of the rail undercarriage). Interconnection with a leading part (steel structure on the rail undercarriage, carrying the leading part of the stockyard conveyor and other equipment of the machine) is also realized at the level of the substructure. The slewing central structure is mounted on the substructure. The hinged superstructure, which consists of the king tower with a counterweight and a discharge/loading boom with a belt conveyor and a bucket wheel, is framed in the slewing central structure.
– The slewing range of the superstructure against the substructure is realized by electromechanical drives.
– Tilting of the superstructure against the central structure is realized by a pair of hydraulic cylinders.

SCR is placed on the rail undercarriage. Length of travelling track (rails), thereby the length of stockyard as well, is only limited by the size of a cable drum for power supply of the machine.

Main parameters of machine

Weight in running order 590 dm3
Conveying capacity of stacking – theoretical 500 m3/h
Conveying capacity of loading – theoretical 500 m3/h
Bulk density of material to be conveyed 1.0 t/m3
Belt width 1,000 mm
Range of boom tilting +14/-10 °
Slewing range of superstructure (boom) ±105 °
Boom length 35 m
Machine height 27.5 m
Machine width 14 m
Machine length 97 m
Diameter of bucket wheel over buckets 7,000 mm
Number of buckets 8 pcs
Rail gauge 8,500 mm
Travel speed of stacker 4-20 m/min
Installed power in total 520 kW




Parameters of reach

A – Offset – handling area | communication 2 m
B – Maximum width of stockyard 32 m
H – Maximum height of stockyard 12 m


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